Our son C.B. started sketching around Feb. 2013.  He took the advice of a good friend who told him that he needed to start his profolio in order to apply for an Architecture major in a good college in the States.

So he started with objects.  C.B. never took any art lessons outside of school. I was very pleased to see how his sketches turned out.

DSC_0659_01.JPG DSC_0660.JPG DSC_0661.JPG DSC_0663.JPG DSC_0664.JPG DSC_0665_01.JPG DSC_0666_01.JPG DSC_0667_01.JPG DSC_0669_02.JPG DSC_0670_01.JPG DSC_0671.JPG DSC_0672.JPG DSC_0673.JPG DSC_0674.JPG DSC_0675_01.JPG DSC_0676.JPG


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