1. Playing with cousins at Wright Park




2. Wright Park




3. Point Defiance Park




4. Playing snow fight at Mount Raineer




5. Snow fight




6. Snow fight



7. Snow fight




8. Snow fight




9. Air Show at the Freedom Fair on Fourth of July




10. Air Show





11. Fireworks





12. Todd Lake



13. Sadie, the dog




14. Steamboat Rock at Coulee Dam




15. Laser show at Coulee Dam




16. Friends' boat,




17.  Mei Mei's turn to jump




18. Friends' boat




19.  Spokane Riverfront Park




20. Water fun




21. Tossing down two coins




22. Merry-go-round




23. We visited 尼克的多年好友 and watched this old video. 

      His old friend's wife was alsoin this musical (音樂劇) and her dad videotaped it.

      尼克高中時代的確聲音宏亮, 難怪會比賽得冠軍!




24. Musical




25. After we visited Thews, Allens, we were heading to Beaverton, Oregon

      to visit more friends. It was late at night, kids started singing and making up

      a fun son with daddy.




26. Singing in the car




27. Singing in the car



 28. Fishing at Beaverton, Oregon




29. Todd Lake




30. Davis Hotel in San Fransisco




31. Railroad Museum




32. Roller Coaster in San Fransisco






                                          Golden Gate, San Fransisco

Golden Gate.JPG  




 33. Playing baseball with uncle and cousins




 34. Mei Mei's 9-year-old birthday




 35. The fig tree




 36. The fig tree





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